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Longford Chase Kennels

All our kennels are spacious, individually heated, surrounded by safety passages and outside covered runs.

The kennel blocks are attached to a secure compound of grass, gravel and wood chippings. This is used for each individual kennel five times throughout the day just as you would use your garden.

Dogs are also given individual exercise and groomed daily.

Larger kennels are available for two or more dogs from the same family.

Puppy day care and crate training can be provided.

All dogs must be fully up to date with vaccinations, including kennel cough.

**Bitches in season – update to boarding policy**

In the past, we have accepted bitches in season; however this has caused male boarders to fret, not eat and to lose weight. Accordingly, we will no longer be able to accept bitches in season.
When making a booking for a time when your pet may be in season, and to avoid the risk of being turned away, please ensure that you visit your vet in advance who will be able to take measures to stop the season.
We trust that you will understand this change, which is intended to ensure the welfare of all boarders whilst in our care.

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